What is Content Writing?

Content writing refers to the method of preparing, writing and revising web-based content usually for the purpose of digital marketing. It could include the writing of blog posts, articles, as well as scripts for videos and podcasts, and also content specifically for specific platforms, like tweetstorms posted to Twitter or texts on Reddit.

What makes proper content writing Important?

When consumers listen to “content writing” they immediately think “writing pieces”.

Writing content isn’t only important for blog posts.

Content writing is crucial for all kinds of formats of content, such as:

  • Video scripts
  • Newsletters sent via email
  • Keynote speeches
  • Social media posts
  • Podcast titles
  • White papers
  • Copy of Web page
  • Pages that land on the page
  • YouTube video descriptions

Or, to put it another way:

Writing is the base of almost any piece of content you create.

Best Practices

Create an Outline

Making an outline is an GREAT initial step in the process of content writing.

Outlines can help your content stand out more effectively for two primary reasons:

First outline writing requires you to organize your thoughts down in a structured manner (rather than just writing them on top of your head). This can speed the writing process.

Second outline usually leads to a more structured layout for content. It’s because outline help you view your content from the “high degree” that’s difficult to comprehend while writing.

Additionally, since you’ve got an outline, your final piece of content will cover all the important points you set out to cover before you began writing.

How do you create a powerful outline?

Here are three strategies that have proven successful:

  • Make use of a previous piece content that performed well for example we usually create a lot of authoritative guides here at Backlinko.
    When we begin working to create a brand new guide we often use the structure we have used in our previous guides as a basis.
  • Make use of a template: Many professional writers use a set of templates that have been tested. Here are five templates for content that you can use to make outline.
  • Utilize the best content that works Take a look BuzzSumo to locate popular content can be used to build your outline.
    Let’s say, for instance, you’re planning to write a guest blog on the keto diet.
    Then, you’ll need to enter “keto diet” into BuzzSumo to find out what’s been executed well.
    You can then read the most interesting posts to discover exactly what you need to write about in your article.

Make it easy to consume and share

Easy to read and share is one an essential ingredient in amazing content.

You could have a piece of content composed by the world’s best copywriter. However, if the post is difficult for readers to read, no one will even bother to read it.

Here are some suggestions to create content that is easy to read, skim and publish.

Keep it snappy, rich and Fun!

If you’re writing about creating content or automobiles the writing is required to catch (and retain) the attention of readers.

If they don’t, they’ll move to another site.

The way you draw attention to someone is dependent on the style you’re using.

When I make videos, I incorporate “Family Guy Moments” within the videos. These are small asides that add humour and spice my videos. 

When I write video I am very focused on layout and formatting.

Particularly, I strive at keeping my posts as short as possible:

Backlinko video script

I also include pictures and images to spice and if you’re going to get down to record an audio recording the lines you write to be quick and concise. It is also important to avoid using parenthetical words. Parenthesis content is easy to follow when reading it. However, you could easily “lose your thread” when you’re listening to your audio in the form of an audio podcast.

In short, the final content you write should be incredibly engaging and enjoyable to write. Whatever style you’re using this begins with the writing process.

Quotable on Social Media

Based on a study We conducted the majority of blogs posts are posted or hyperlinked to.

To increase the chances that your content is ranked in search engines and is shared via social media, you can add sharing-worthy quotes.

For content that is text-based it could be a message that you emphasize in your blog post.

If you’re creating an YouTube video, then you could take a small snippet from the video to share with your friends on LinkedIn.

The important thing here is to have these quotes ready before you publish the post. Then, highlight them in your content.

Pick the most interesting angles

There are 2.3 million blogs being published each day You can’t make a post that is generic and expect an influx of people to visit your blog.

To drive visitors to your site requires a convincing angle.

An angle is the catchy phrase that helps your content stand out from other content on the subject.

Your angle could be a personal tale. Some controversy. Or , something that appears superior to what’s already available.

The angle you pick is based on the audience you are targeting.

For instance when we published our book on becoming an expert on SEO Our 8-bit style helped make it make an impact.

Make it a reality

For most niches, your content can’t just be entertaining.

It’s just not enough to just be informative.

To make your content marketing succeed, your content must to be extremely efficient.

Here’s how:

  • Make sure to include a step-bystep procedure: The majority of content available is merely the result of a list you have gathered from lists made by other people of things. If you can organize a list of techniques or tips to be a series of steps your information is much more easy to implement.
    The SEO audit blog post is an excellent illustration of this.
    It’s not just a compilation of random advice. This is a step-by step strategy that anyone is able to follow.
  • Use examples: The examples in your content make it easier to implement. This is why we fill our content with real-world examples.
  • Make sure it’s up-to-date One outdated step or case can ruin an otherwise excellent piece. I suggest going back and revising your content at least every year.

Be sure to trust it

To allow people to share and link to your website They must believe in it.

And , while design is a factor in the level of trust people have in your content and your writing is a big factor, it’s also a in a significant role, too.

Here are a few suggestions to help make your content more reliable.

  • Use correct grammar: If you’re looking to enhance your writing abilities using a program such as Hemingway Editor or Grammarly can be of great assistance.
  • Do your homework: References and research prove that you’re aware of what you’re talking about.
    For instance, when we write a manual, we will include lots of stats and references.
  • First-hand experience: Write about things that you’ve had a personally experienced. Why? Content written by experts in the field is super rare . It’s true that most people are hiring random freelance writers through Upwork. It’s evident. However, when you create content that shows off Your actual experience Your content is simpler for an average visitor to believe.
    This is an illustration from our blog.

Use a Magnetic Headline and an Introduction

The majority of visitors spend 15 minutes studying an article prior to departing.

In this short amount of time your headline and your introduction are crucially vital.

Here’s how to make headlines and intros that are effective:

  • Shorter headlines of 14-17 words work best when it comes to gaining shares, according to an analysis of 900 million newspaper articles.
  • Include some emotion to your titles. This tool is free. It gives your the “Emotional marketing value” score you can use to gauge how emotional the impact is of your marketing copy.
  • Make short introductions (approximately 4-8 sentences in total). Also, Don’t be like recipes sites which ramble endlessly before even getting to the recipe.
  • Check out your content. In some of my introductions I’ll just give the key points that they’re planning to know.
    Notice how these bullet points aren’t things to be discussed. They’re benefits people will gain from taking the time to read and using the information contained included in the document.

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